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Nika Dixon | Top 5 Great TV Shows with Horrible Endings

July 2, 2019

Since very few people enjoyed the last season and most importantly, the last episode, of Game of Thrones (myself included), I started thinking of all the other shows I have watched that had equally terrible endings. These weren’t as high on the ratings scale as Game of Thrones of course, but they were still good shows with multiple seasons that finished on a sour note. These are my personal top 5 shows with absolutely dreadful endings.


This show was six seasons of crazy—death, backstabbing, lies, violence, drama—then along comes the final episode. With the family enjoying one of a few happy together moments, the screen goes black just as a shootout starts—with no resolution on who lived or died. After dutifully following the show for the full six seasons, the ending was a major let down.


This show was absolutely brilliant. It was one of the few shows where it didn’t matter what gender, race, or sexual orientation you were or weren’t—it was equal parts vampire campiness for everyone to love. Not to mention lots of Alexander Skarsgård! After all the twists and turns through seven seasons, it wrapped everything up in a pretty little end-credits bow with Sookie happily married to some random guy we’ve never met.

  1. ANGEL

I loved, loved, loved Buffy, The Vampire Slayer and Angel series. With Angel, our favourite vampire-with-a-soul continued to live on his own series once Buffy finished its run. But the final episode was definitely not a good-guys-win ending I hoped for. Sure, the story continues on in the comic books, but the on-screen ending was horrible. Wesley’s death was agonizing, and then the survivors run into a battle against a hoard of terrifying creatures…and cut! It was the perfect lead in to a sixth season we never got.


I am a huge fan of the first two Stargate shows, Stargate SG1, and Stargate Atlantis. I was extremely miffed by the decision to end Atlantis without finishing the already plotted out 6th season, that I couldn’t even bring myself to watch the 3rd series, Stargate Universe, which ended before it was finished, too. And yes, that is Jason Momoa! With Atlantis, they bring the city to earth…and leave it there? The writers had the 6th and final season ready to go to wrap up the storylines, but the network left it dead. I’m still peeved.


This amazing crime drama series aired on A&E for four seasons. It had action, drama, humour, romance—all the key triggers to make it a binge-worthy show. But after hitting its highest ratings of all four seasons, A&E cancelled it before the writers could finish the storyline. The main characters (Jim and Callie) were supposed to be getting married in the season 4 finale, but an unidentified man shoots Jim in the chest before the wedding, leaving him bleeding on the floor. And that was that. Not only was there no happy ending, but there was also no ending at all!


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