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Paula Altenburg | Ten TV Shows that Top my List

November 29, 2013

Paula AltenburgBLACK WIDOW DEMONI’m not really much of a television watcher. I have commitment issues. If I get into something in the evenings, it tends to be episodic and funny and no-strings-attached. I like the Big Bang Theory for that reason. If I miss an episode I can catch up with no problem. I’ve tried to make Black Widow Demon, the second book in my Demon Outlaws trilogy, standalone for that reason. Nobody likes the middle book in a series. And nobody likes having to read books in order.

My husband is the TV junkie in the household. It’s a good thing I’ve got him or my brain might turn to total mush. He watches Discovery and Oasis, and I tune in and out between reading and Facebook because I like looking at the pretty HD images.

Now that I’ve discovered NetFlix, however, that’s all starting to change. I can binge watch at leisure. Mind you it’s Canadian NetFlix so my choices are limited, and that’s just as well. Thanks to social media, my attention span is shot.

But I do have my favorites. My Demon Outlaws series is set in a dystopian future with a Wild West setting. Because of what I write, the shows I watch shouldn’t come as a big surprise. Someone is killed, betrayed, or gets blown up in each of them.

Fun stuff, people.

So here they are:

1. Buffy. If you follow me on social media at all, you know this is a big time suck for me. My son got me hooked. He watched all the episodes his fourth year of university and still managed to get a scholarship to grad school. We can’t figure out how he did it. It’s Month Ten for me and I have two seasons to go.

2. Firefly. Oh, Joss Whedon, I love you so much. I started writing the first Demon Outlaws book before I saw the first episode of Firefly, so you can well imagine my total euphoric excitement. That’s why I’m baffled by Agents of Shield. WTF, Joss Whedon? W…T…F?

3. Fringe. Walter. Come on. That seems self-explanatory. And the blond girl’s cute.

4. Misfits. This show fascinates me. It borders between different and disturbing. It takes two steps over the line and I can’t watch five episodes in a row like I do with Buffy. Whenever it gets disturbing in a creepy way I remember it’s a Tom Green show, which explains everything.

5. Justified. “Fire in the Hole!” For me, Boyd Crowder is the biggest attraction. Especially when he goes on the religious kick. Or maybe it’s when he’s blowing stuff up. I love explosions.

6. Sons of Anarchy. Making Ron Perlman and Katey Sagal a couple is just genius at work.

7. House of Cards. I haven’t watched as much as I’d like because I haven’t made it all the way through Buffy yet. Wait for me, Kevin Spacey. I’ll get there.

8. Charmed. I’ll be honest over this one. I have fond memories of watching it when it first came out, not so much for the content but because it irritated the guys in this male-dominated household. I decided I’d claim one hour of television a week and I chose the girliest show I could find. Listening to my husband and sons and their unflattering commentaries made me laugh. To myself. Because they couldn’t do something else if the TV was on, they had to sit in front of it even if they hated the show. It was a great anthropological study in male behavior.

9. Sherlock (BBC version). Now I know what all the hoopla surrounding Benedict Cumberbatch is all about, although I do have to say, I think Martin Freeman is pretty hot. There’s something about a man with a gun and a steady hand. Plus, I like sidekicks.

10. Game of Thrones. This isn’t on NetFlix, not in Canada, and I bought the first two seasons on DVD so I could watch them all at once. I love the books so much and I think the casting for this has been brilliant. I do, however, have issues with the roles given to some of the minor actors. My personal ethics are warring with my love of the series. I haven’t decided if I’ll splurge on season three, but I have this humbling suspicion that my curiosity is going to overrule my morality. I’m weak.

That’s pretty much what I’m watching these days but I’m always open to suggestions. Anyone have any more recommendations for me?


Passionate and headstrong, half-demon Raven is nearly executed on the orders of her fundamentalist stepfather. She escapes from the burning stake using the gifts of her otherworldly heritage and the help of a mortal stranger named Blade. Now she’s set on revenge, and only quiet, intense Blade stands in her way

A retired assassin weary of the weight of his past, Blade has crossed the desert to seek out a new life. His journey is interrupted when his conscience demands he help Raven find an old friend who can help her. Saving her from her need for revenge and delivering her into the hands of loved ones means he’s one step closer to redemption.

But as Blade’s sense of duty becomes something more and threats, both mortal and immortal, stalk the woman he can’t abandon, he could very well fall back into the life he’s trying so hard to escape.

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