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Port Calypso Daily News – What’s Wrong with the Boy Next Door?

January 16, 2014


Port Calypso Daily News

As we reported last week in the Society pages, Dane Martin of the popular men’s dating advice website and author of soon to be released self-help book, Coming On Strong, was seen in a compromising position with another local celebrity, Holly Winters. Ms. Winters, whose popular blog gives relationship advice to women struggling to find commitment among the monogamy-shy Virile sycophants, seems like the last woman Martin would dally with as both bloggers’ philosophies are in direct opposition with the other. Winters’ own self-help book, as yet untitled, is to be released next year.

Though neither would comment on the romantic nature of their relationship to PC Daily, stating they were “just friends”, they agreed to a joint column this week answering reader questions from their unique perspectives. Each day, we’ll be posting a new question with the He said/She said response.

Port Calypso will certainly be watching these local experts as they navigate their “friendship.” We can’t help but wonder if the Girl Next Door has tamed the most Virile man alive…or is she just another notch on the bedpost?
he said she said

Dear Mr. Virile and The Girl Next Door,

            I read both of your blogs religiously but still can’t figure out how to get the women who “say” they want nice guys to veer away from Virile followers long enough to notice me. I’m ready to find the girl and settle down—but all the girls want to date the men who act like Mr. Virile and then complain that they can’t find nice guys.

            Boy Next Door

He said: Women are attracted to alpha men. They want confidence, success, and invulnerable mates. Until they get the guy. Then they want a beta dude who expresses feelings, listens to them ramble, and nurtures them. If you’re putting your beta-face on first, you’re not going to get very far. Act like a Virile man until you hook the one you want. Once she’s yours, if you still want to talk about your feelings or whatever, more power to you.

She said: If you are reading both our blogs religiously, it’s no wonder you’re confused because I disagree with Mr. Virile about 98% of the time. Except he’s right that women are attracted to the alpha trappings. But they’re also attracted to the beta ones. Men are not one thing or the other. They are human beings with some of both kinds of qualities. Perhaps you are looking in for your girl next door in places that cater to men looking to score. Instead, concentrate on places where you might find someone who is as self-aware as you are about what they need to be fulfilled. You might find them in museums, parks, libraries, self-improvement classes—probably not a bar downtown.

He said: Fine…meet this girl in a museum, but don’t be too nice. Play it cool. You can play the Renaissance man angle, but make sure she knows you’re the top dog. Send me an invitation to your wedding.

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