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Rayka Mennen | Meet Jake from ENCHANTED DESTINY

October 31, 2011

Rayka MennenENCHANTED DESTINYHi everyone,

This is Rayka Mennen, and I’m here to talk to you about my new book–ENCHANTED DESTINY from Entangled Publishing. I’m so excited about the great reviews this books is getting. As I make the rounds of blogs and websites, I’ve talked a lot about this book. But it occurred to me that I haven’t done it from the perspective of Jake and Kat – my primary characters. So I contacted Jake Taggert and asked if he would do a quick interview with me. Here’s how it went:

RM: Jake, thanks for taking my call. Sounds like you’re pretty busy this week.

JT: Sure. Yeah, got another contract with the city.

RM: Hey, that’s great news. You’ve gotten quite a few from the City of Chicago recently. Do you think they feel guilty about your almost accident?

JT: Could be. I mean I could have gotten killed because some moron didn’t know how to secure storm pipes in a truck.

RM <shuddering>: I know, but hey, it all worked out.

JT: And thanks for that, Rayka. It was worth it since I met Kat.

RM: Anytime. So, I thought our readers might like hear about your journey getting together with Kat. What would you say about it?

JT <chuckles>: Bumpy.

RM <sighing>: Jake, could you elaborate on that a little? It was always hard to make you talk.

JT: Yeah, I’m not much into going on and on about my feelings. But you’re not going to let this go, I know. I was mad with you at first for putting me into that situation. I mean come on, Rayka. A witch?

RM: Yeah, sorry about that. It just happened that way.

JT: But like I said, I can’t complain. Kat is just amazing. I’d do it all again if I had to.

RM: Anything else?

JT: I’m guessing you don’t want to reveal too much. You want people to read this book, right?

RM: Jake, you’re so practical sometimes. Yes, we do want readers to want to buy the book. So what’s your favorite scene?

JT: That’s easy. The first time I made love to Kat. The second scene I really like is when Nona gave me a vision of the future.

RM: Mmm. Great scenes, those. Any problems with what I wrote?

JT: Er…you had a tough time with my dialogue sometimes, remember? I was really glad you had such a great editor. What was her name?

RT: Libby Murphy

JT: Yeah. I liked how she helped make me sound more like me.

RM: Yeah, Libby was a darn good editor. So, last question…What did you think of the book cover?

JT<whistles>: Your cover artist was right on target. That’s Kat exactly. Man, the artist really got her sense of dress and color and her figure… <clears throat>. You know what I mean.

RM: I do, I do. Her name is Heather Howland. And I can’t even count how many people have loved the cover.

JT: Geez. I saw where you have it plastered all over the internet. Cover photo’s all they’re getting, okay? No interviews and crap.

RM: Got it, Jake. Weekend plans?

JT: Got them. Not sharing though. You’re done running around in my life. Love you, but I think you’re busy with Gina and Eric now? Go harass them. Bye.

RM: Bye, Jake.

So Jake’s going back to his life, and if you want to know more about that ‘bumpy’ journey, you’ll have to read ENCHANTED DESTINY. And stop by my blog at or email me at and tell me what you thought. Have a great week, folks.



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Destiny’s never looked so good.

Kat never believed she’d fall victim to her family’s stories about destined soul mates–she makes her own fate, thank you very much. When she walks by a construction site and admires the same sexy architect for the zillionth time in a week, the last thing she expects is to be slammed by a vision of his death.

Which activates the spell that will change their lives forever.

Kat’s destiny comes with a deadline. If they don’t fall in love by her twenty-fifth birthday–a mere three weeks away–Jake will never find the peace he seeks and Kat will lose her magic forever.

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