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December 29, 2012

Robyn DeHartA LITTLE BIT WICKEDThe packages are all opened and some of you have probably already taken down your trees and decorations. Right now my living room looks like Christmas exploded everywhere. In addition to the decorations, we have new toys everywhere. We have a 2 year old and a 4 year old and so they got a lot of loot. In any case it’s a mess a mess that is beginning to close in on me and tomorrow said toys will find all their new homes in baskets and bins and shelves.

So while we’re in these post-holiday days closing in on the end of the year, many of us will begin to reflect over this past year and consider the one approaching. Resolutions, goals, plans, whatever you want to call them, most of us make some sort of game plan on things to tackle in our lives. Whether they be of the professional, personal or spiritual nature, most people generally try to better themselves.

I’m one of those. I love to set goals. I love fresh starts and organizing projects. It’s part of my noodly-brain I suppose. I’m geeky, I love calendars and color-coding and all that stuff. But I digress. In this upcoming year, I am going to set goals in the following areas:

-my own physical health (I need to exercise with more regularity!)

-I need to set up a house schedule, something that divides up our household chores and institute a master plan

-I have spent much of the last year organizing certain spaces in our house, I still have many more spaces to get through so that’s on my list (you can check my Pinterest boards to know I love this stuff)

-spiritual time

As for my own writing, I do tend to set goals, but they’re more tied in with my deadline schedules and whatnot. But sometimes I set a goal about reading a new craft book or writing so many writing articles.

Frankly I think goals are important. If you don’t have a target, then you won’t know where to aim. So how about you? Do you set resolutions or goals for the new year? Do you go through the previous year to decide what you did well or what needs improvement?

I’ll give a copy of my latest release, A LITTLE BIT WICKED, to one lucky commenter.

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