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February 18, 2012

Rue AllynTHE WIDOW'S REVENGE. . . those small solid bits of gold or other precious substances (silver, copper, diamonds?) or simply small compact units of just about any item (at least that’s how explains the term). However, nuggets aren’t always small. For instance, Denver has Nuggets (the basketball variety) and Denver’s Nuggets are far from tiny. Mickey D’s has Nuggets (chicken) of the small variety.

We all know about gold nuggets and even nuggets of wisdom (otherwise known as adages—some original, most not). Did you also know that Tasmania includes a group of islets called ‘The Nuggets?’ (Might be an interesting place to set a story.) Even more obscure (although no less fraught with narrative possibilities) are the Nuggets belonging to the music industry. No, these Nuggets are not a band. They are several box set compilations detailing the ‘Artyfacts’ of Psychedelic music in the US.

I want to add to the list of nugget trivia the term ‘narrative nuggets’ (stories of 35,000 words or less). Yes we already have terms for these tales—novella, short story, snapshot fiction, etc. However, narrative nuggets are especially golden, bright shiny short fiction works. The type of memory making fiction that every author wants to write and every reader longs to read. I’ve now made two efforts to produce narrative nuggets in the erotic romance genre—The Widow’s Revenge (currently available from Red Sage) and Off Limits (due out April 1, 2012 also from Red Sage). For links to excerpts of each novella, go to

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