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Sandi Shilhanek | DFW Tea Group

September 1, 2008

Recently I celebrated a birthday. How I wondered would this year be celebrated? The answer to that was really very simple. Go to the DFW Tea Group book dinner that is held monthly. Good food, good drinks (even if I don’t drink), wonderful conversation, and the highlight of the evening getting to chat via telephone with an author.

Many years ago, don’t ask how many because truth be told I really don’t know, I accidentally discovered the DFW Tea Group. My first event was interesting, but I was an unknown stepping into a world that was as well established as any writer who writes an ongoing series might have. As would be expected the members of the group had to scope me out, and at the same time I had to be both outgoing, and shy so as to ensure my spot at future events.

Now years later I’m a long established member of the group, and look forward to finding out what exciting events I’m going to learn about because of the DFW Tea Group. Do you want to learn about us? Go to We really are a friendly group and always looking for new members.

Anyway I digress, the actual day of my birthday didn’t go quite according to plan. I didn’t get the time off work I was hoping for, I forgot the coffee I had promised to bring and had to run home to grab it. Lastly the store where I was sent to buy the wine didn’t have the wine I was told to bring!

Arriving at the home where the dinner was being held I got great doggie welcomes, followed by warm greetings from the hostesses. I was handed a copy of the book being discussed, Take Me If You Can by Karen Kendall, so I could finish reading it, as my copy was in another room. Didn’t quite make it to finishing before dinner was served.

Lovely chat with Karen, who even though she might have been being bombarded by rain(she lives in Florida) let her personality shine through while she talked with us. The only flaw to this point was I really like to know what the author of the month likes to read, and I nor any of my tablemates thought to ask that question before the end of the discussion. Next time!

The evening was topped off with chocolate birthday cake, coffee, and a wonderful present. So, while the day didn’t start out happy and celebratory as birthdays should, it certainly ended on a high note that I believe will be hard to duplicate!

So my day was almost perfection. Tell me what do you like to do to celebrate your special day? Does it include books, friends and/or drinks Inquiring minds want…no need to know!

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