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Karen Kendall | SECRETS, SEX and SO LONG: The SEQUEL to Take Me If You Can
Uncategorized / April 20, 2009

I love the name Fresh Fiction and think it’s a truly inspired marketing choice. So isn’t it funny that often, the book that’s being released to readers (in my case, TAKE ME TWO TIMES–sequel to TAKE ME IF YOU CAN)–is not the one that’s fresh in an author’s mind because we work so far ahead. You see, I’m currently struggling with the revisions on the, uh, threequel, which is called TAKE ME FOR A RIDE and will be out in November. So when people ask me what TAKE ME TWO TIMES is about, sometimes I begin telling them about the wrong set of characters. Forgive me! The TAKE ME series is about an international agency that recovers stolen art. And TAKE ME TWO TIMES is the story of Gwen Davies, the one-time debutante who’s a rookie in the art recovery biz. Gwen may look sweet and proper, but she can kill a man with a spike heel . . . and she’s got some skeletons in her past who are about to pop out and shake, rattle n’ roll. Our Gwennie once spent a secret, steamy summer down south in Brazil. And she got a little too bad with bad…

Sandi Shilhanek | DFW Tea Group
Sundays with Sandi / September 1, 2008

Recently I celebrated a birthday. How I wondered would this year be celebrated? The answer to that was really very simple. Go to the DFW Tea Group book dinner that is held monthly. Good food, good drinks (even if I don’t drink), wonderful conversation, and the highlight of the evening getting to chat via telephone with an author. Many years ago, don’t ask how many because truth be told I really don’t know, I accidentally discovered the DFW Tea Group. My first event was interesting, but I was an unknown stepping into a world that was as well established as any writer who writes an ongoing series might have. As would be expected the members of the group had to scope me out, and at the same time I had to be both outgoing, and shy so as to ensure my spot at future events. Now years later I’m a long established member of the group, and look forward to finding out what exciting events I’m going to learn about because of the DFW Tea Group. Do you want to learn about us? Go to We really are a friendly group and always looking for new members. Anyway I…

Karen Kendall | Preparing for a Hurricane
Uncategorized / August 20, 2008

Hello, Fresh Fiction! As I’m writing this, Tropical Storm/Hurricane Fay is barreling towards lucky south Florida, and nobody is sure where she’s going to hit. This means that I am not writing outside at the wrought-iron table, looking at the water. It means that I have piled that wrought-iron table, along with all the chairs, chaises, potted plants, plant stands, decorative garden objects and my husband’s green froggy ashtray into the formal living room . . . which is now not looking quite so formal. A pool net will do wonders for anybody’s décor, know what I mean? I’ve been wrestling with hurricane shutters, making room in the garage for the cars and hitting the grocery store, gas station and ATM like every other person around here. It’s probably all a lot of overkill, but you can never be sure. And I have a friend who writes weather-related thrillers which keep me up at night, so I take these little ole hurricanes seriously. Typical writer, though: I’m so glad that I met my revisions deadline on Friday, because now if rogue electricity streaks, say, from a window to my coffee table, through the couch, around the doorframe, down the pool…