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Sandi Shilhanek | Discovering a New Author

January 11, 2009

In several of my yahoo groups the conversation tends to run to discovering a new to you author. As you can imagine being dedicated readers someone in the group has usually read whichever author is being discussed, and being the eclectic readers that we are can we all agree on one good book? Of course not! That then leads to the person whose just discovered an author having to get not only one backlist book, but all of them!

Do you have an author that you can remember having to glom? I know that I was late to the party on several very popular authors. One that comes to mind is unfortunately no longer writing, but when she wrote I had to head off to the closest store and get everything she had written. Now I envy the person who is just discovering Lavyrle Spencer because she has a finite backlist!

I remember when I discovered Sandra Brown. I was on vacation, and figured that vacation money wasn’t like real money, and I could take a chance on an author I hadn’t read. I bought Mirror Image and was hooked on this author. Even all those years ago she had an extensive backlist, and I have made a serious effort to find it, and read it. Of course I’m not caught up, but I know that my TBR pile holds books I will be enjoying when I decide I need my Sandra Brown fix.

Now…how do you feel about backlists? Do you have to own everyone the author you’ve just discovered has to offer? Do you read the blurbs and only pick the ones that totally appeal? Do you even (imagine me shuddering as I typed this) ignore the backlist and just move on to the current work by a new favorite author.

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