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Sandi Shilhanek | How Far Is Too Far?

February 7, 2010

Sandi ShilhanekWhen I originally thought about this week’s blog I thought I would write about how far a reader would
travel to “meet” a favorite author. I was thinking about that because I was going to attend a function in Ft. Worth in which Robyn Carr was going to be the phone in author. However, fate decided to give me a sick husband and I had to cancel. (We won’t even discuss how disappointed I was about that!)

I’m lucky in that I live in a large area that has many interconnected highways, so if the traffic fates are smiling upon me nicely the commute between sites is smooth, and good for listening to a great audio book. If the traffic fates are conspiring against me well, I get a longer commute, and more audio book time!

I don’t travel to Ft. Worth often because it seems far away to me, but in reality it might be only about a sixty (60) minute drive…I guess that translates into about sixty (60) miles. Is that too far to go for a favorite author? What about having to go out of state to meet an author? How far are you willing to go? Does it depend on the author?

As for me if time, money, and family allow I don’t really know how far I’m willing to go. I’ve done Ft. Worth a time or two, and would love to make it a bit further field to have the chance to meet not only authors who have yet to make it to DFW, but some of my online friends as well.

Until next week happy page turning.

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