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Sandi Shilhanek | Insomnia

December 7, 2008

Last week I talked about reading while you’re sick, and this week I want to talk about what happens if insomnia hits. I really don’t want to sound like I’m a complainer or a hypochondriac, but I’m curious!

I’m of an age where insomnia hits me on a fairly regular schedule. Some nights of course are better than others. Those are the nights I wake up squint at the clock (it’s across the room and without my glasses on I’m totally unable to see) and lie back down and immediately sleep comes back to me. Other nights I squint at the clock lie down again and it seems like 10 minutes later I’m still wide awake.

When I first started contributing to this blog and insomnia hit I opened up my laptop and made a whole list of topics I thought might be interesting. I felt like a real writer having to get up and put my inspirations down before they became something I just wished I had remembered. Like I’m sure many authors feel I’m wondering now if those topics are as good as I imagined them to be at 2 AM!

I know that some of my fellow yahoo group members grab their books and book lights or e-readers that are backlit and sit up in bed and read when they can’t sleep. Do you do that? Are you like me and can’t stand to be in bed if you’re not sleeping and truly wanting to? I get up and go to the living room. There I can turn on a light and read, mess on my laptop, and or watch TV.

I do sign on to my IM because maybe someone is going to be suffering along with me, and want to chat until we finally think we’re able to catch a few more ZZZZ’s until the alarm goes off?

So…how do you battle insomnia? Do you suffer from it? Do you have a great home remedy? Do you leave the bedroom and go on an unexpected cleaning frenzy (which I have been known to do) or do you curl up on the couch to read or watch TV? Inquiring minds need to know!


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