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Tessa Radley | My Christmas Resolution

December 8, 2008

Tessa RadleyI loved reading Lisa Plumley’s Christmas Confessions a couple of days ago…so much of what Lisa said is exactly what I’ve vowed to do for my Christmas this year. Downscale. Make sure the things that really matter remain priorities.

So often the rush up to Christmas is the final push up a loooong hill after a year of Busy Busy Busy. Only last week I realized that it’s been several months since I’ve spoken to several great friends. Sure we sometimes email jokes and inspirational sayings around (and that hasn’t been as often as usual because I spent a chunk of this year with NO email…grrr). But email isn’t the same as TALKING to each other and connecting. One of these friends lives in Africa, another in Australia and a third—wait for it—lives in the next road! No excuse for that!

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As all our lives have grown busier—our kids take precedence—our work takes over—traffic congestion erodes into precious free minutes. Time passes until it’s a shock to realize how long it’s been since I last connected with those fabulous friends.

For me this Christmas will be about celebrating joy with my family and also about catching up with my friends—by phone (Skype was made for me) or in person over a leisurely cup of coffee. No Christmas gifts can beat that.

So join me and contact a friend you’ve been meaning to call…

Have a wonderful Festive Season.
Tessa Radley

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