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SANDI SHILHANEK | Relaxation Techniques…What Works Other Than Reading

April 18, 2010

Sandi ShilhanekLast week I asked the question when is enough enough? It took me from the days before I asked that question until this past Thursday to finish the print book I was reading when I asked that question. I decided to keep reading it, because I was still dealing with some personal things, and what would happen if those issues interfered with enjoyment of a book by a favorite author?

My friends kept asking why are you still reading that book if you don’t like it, and I kept thinking well, I have to see if it gets better, or if it isn’t better how much worse can it be? Well, unfortunately I found out that it didn’t get better…but I guess that’s life.

Perhaps with the stresses of the last week I would have been better off if I had given up reading and found another way to relax. I did play more than my fair share of online games, and even escaped life with a couple of naps.

Yes, we should discuss what books help us to relax, but let’s be realistic and admit that sometimes a book isn’t quite helping. What other things do you do to relax you when life has you feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Oh…and this week I’ve started a book that I’m really enjoying!

Until next week happy page turning.

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