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October 5, 2008

In the last few weeks some authors are being discussed quite a bit in a few of my yahoo groups. Naturally, I expect to hear about authors and their latest works through my groups, but what surprises me about the ones I’m hearing a lot about is that people are just discovering them, and because they enjoyed the newest title having to go on a back list hunt.

One of these authors is Robyn Carr. I have to admit to being somewhat new to the Carr party. I once read a book for review (Down By The River) and didn’t enjoy it at all. What I didn’t’ know at the time was that it was part of a series, and the third in the series. Had I known that I might have been a bit more lenient in how I thought of it. Years passed and I had the opportunity to review her new book, Virgin River. Since I knew it was the beginning of a series I thought here is a way for this author to make my auto buy list. I was of course wowed by what I read, and told one and all you must read this series. It’s been over a year and I still am telling everyone run out and get The Virgin River books and read them ASAP!!!! What I didn’t know is how long Ms. Carr has been writing, and am amazed!

The second author I’m seeing a lot about is Susan Wiggs. Ms. Wiggs has just released a hardcover book called Just Breathe, which I enjoyed, and have been recommending whenever the opportunity presents itself. What I most like about Ms. Wiggs is that she writes connected series, and her recent Lakeshore Chronicles is another of those that I take every chance to say you haven’t read them….but you must! Again, I don’t know how long Ms. Wiggs has been writing, but suddenly I see her name a lot!

The last author I’m going to give a shout out to at this point is Debbie Macomber. Those who know me best know that I am a truly devoted fan and can’t wait for each release. I’m amazed by the number of people I’ve recently been chatting with either online or in person who are just discovering this author and her Cedar Cove Series. Like the others I know Ms. Macomber has been writing for a long time, but as with the others seems to be suddenly the author to read!

So I’ve noticed that these three authors have become something of an overnight sensation, even if overnight took them years and years of honing their craft.

Which authors have you been hearing a lot of buzz about? If they have an extensive backlist is there one book getting talked about more than another? If it’s a new to you author are you going to have to do a major backlist hunt?

Thanks for sharing with me because remember inquiring minds need to know!

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