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Sara Edmonds | Taking An Inexpensive Vacation To An Exotic Locale

December 26, 2009

Sara EdmondsTWENTIES GIRLWith winter here, I have often wished to be in a nice tropical locale for a few weeks. I realized though that while I was reading TWENTIES GIRL by Sophie Kinsella, that the best vacation is right in my own books.

As some of you may have read, I very rarely notice or need a lot of location in the books I read. The one thing I do notice though, are the locations that if I hit the lotto today, I would be on a jet plane in a minute.

TEARS OF THE MOONI have always loved the way that Nora Roberts intertwines her characters and makes them one with the places they are. Her favorite far off locale is Ireland. TEARS OF THE MOON was one such book that after reading, made me want to go and spend some time in Ireland.

Breathing roomHOLY SMOKES
Susan Elizabeth Phillips‘ novel, BREATHING ROOM, has my favorite all time location–Italy. Of course, being half Italian, I am always partial to anyone who can place the background setting of Italy into the story in such a way as I look forward to the next destination. Katie MacAlister sets her Aisling Grey series on the streets of London, with some nice traveling to other locations nearby. These are the types of vacations I like to take- great travel rates, distance is not a concern, and I never end up with jet lag. Always a good deal.

What are some of the favorite locales of your favorite authors. Do tell-

Sara Edmonds

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