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Sara Humphreys | Name Your Favorite Shapeshifter

October 10, 2011

Sara HumphreysUNLEASHEDPeople have asked me, on many occasions, if I could shapeshift into any animal from the Amoveo clans…which one would I choose? That’s a tough question because it’s kind of like asking which one of your kids is your favorite. In fact, the Amoveo have ten animal clans because I simply couldn’t limit them to one animal because there are too many cool creatures out there to limit it to just one.

However, if you held a gun to my head and made me pick one… the honest answer is that it would depend on what heroine I’m writing at the moment. When I was writing UNLEASHED, the Wolf clan was my personal favorite, and that’s why Samantha is a member of the Gray Wolf clan. The truth is that the wolves will probably always be my favorite…well…wolves will be in the top three consistently.

Wolves have gotten such a bad rap throughout history and were hunted to the brink of extinction, until not that long ago. They were thought of as murderous thieves, who would swoop in and steal your children in the dead of night. I’ve watched several documentaries about wolves over the years and it’s amazing how much they are not like that. They were horribly misunderstood.

Wolves are family oriented creatures that express love and affection freely, as well as, organized discipline and a clear hierarchy. Although they don’t always mate for life they are indeed serial monogamists and unlike many creatures in the animal kingdom, the male sticks around after the pups are born and will often participate in their upbringing. However, sometimes if the alpha male doesn’t show interest the beta male will step in and pick up the responsibilities. Ya gotta respect that…there are plenty of humans who don’t do that.

Wolves can also run fast for long periods of time and I think it would be kind of neat to run across the country and see it from a wolf’s perspective. I could get used to that gorgeous fur coat and a set of razor sharp teeth for self-defense would be good to have on that trip.

At the end of the day, I’ve always found wolves to be fascinating, beautiful and mysterious animals. To be able to shift into a wolf at any time would be pretty freaking awesome and would be one bad-ass secret super power.

So how about you? What animal would you want to be and why?


What if you suddenly discovered your own powers were beyond anything you’d ever imagined…

Samantha Logan’s childhood home had always been a haven, but everything changed while she was away. She has a gorgeous new neighbor, Malcolm, who introduces her to the amazing world of the dream-walking, shapeshifting Amoveo clans…but what leaves her reeling with disbelief is when he tells her she’s one of them…

And shock turns to terror as Samantha falls prey to the deadly enemy determined to destroy the Amoveo, and the only chance she has to come into her true powers is to trust in Malcolm to show her the way…

Get swept away into Sara Humphreys’s glorious world and breathtaking love story…

Sara Humphreys has been attracted to the fantasies of science fiction, paranormal, and romance since her adolescence when she had a mad crush on Captain Kirk. An actress and teacher, Sara lives in New York with her husband, who is very considerate of her double life, and four amazing boys. For more information, please visit

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