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Sara Reyes | Author + Books + Video = Excitement?

August 29, 2009

Sara ReyesI always tell people — find something to do that connects with your passion in life and you’ll be successful! And the rule has proved itself over and over again. My passion is books and reading. My talent, if it can labeled, is remembering what I’ve read and making connections. I connect readers with books. If I know someone likes a certain type of book: say historical with lots of sexual tension but with emotion, I’ll say try Mary Balogh or Mary Jo Putney or Loretta Chase. Because those authors will make you weep, laugh and sigh. If someone likes gritty urban fantasy I point them to Kim Harrison or Kelley Armstrong because you’ll find a fast paced action packed adventure in a world that is familiar and yet, not. Well, you get my drift. I’m fortunate as I read fast and I’ve read steadily for a loooong time!


Fun Books You Should Get!

But I’ve also been able to meet authors, and authors are wonderful people, especially after you get them to open up about their work. Then you can see the passion in their eyes and the emotion in their voice as they tell me about the twists and turns of their plots but usually and most importantly about the characters. It’s a fascinating conversation and I never get bored listening.

This has been a week for authors and their passions. Last Saturday we had a signing with three funny and talented ladies — Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley and Candace Havens. Now, one-on-one they are all entertaining but you put them in the same room and they light up the place! They played off each other and engaged the audience in their back stories, their characters and the varied worlds they create. In the end we all spent more money than anticipated, but that’s the fun of meeting authors.

But wait, we’re not done … read the rest and see how YOU can win some prizes this weekend!

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