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Sara Reyes | What Ever Happened to…?

January 23, 2010

Sara ReyesWhen you’ve read in a genre for over five years you’ll find that some of your favorite authors seem to stop writing or no longer publish books. And it makes one wonder, whatever happened to…? This month I’ve stumbled across that phenomena when I was entering the books for the Montana Mavericks series being re-issued by Silhouette. This was one of the last continuity series I ever collected, sorry, continuity series are not my favorite thing and as I can read out of order, collecting before reading misses the appeal with me. But for some reason, I’ll blame the first Fortune family, in 1994 I collected a year’s worth of the “Mavericks.” But when I looked at the ones in the series I realized that nearly half of the authors are no longer publishing. And I wonder, what happened. Did they retire? Did they die? Did their books go out of style? Seriously, what happened?

Am I getting to be an “old” reader? This could be a serious problem. I always assumed reading kept me going, learning new things, going new places, learning a new lingo (which is probably a very dated term, ah well). So, let’s examine the Montana Mavericks authors:

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