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A.K. Wilder | Title Challenge: CROWN OF BONES
Author Guest / January 7, 2021

I set CROWN OF BONES in a fantasy world where Bone Throwers decide every child’s fate, determining if they are savant, those who can raise their phantom, non-savant, those who cannot, or marred, those who are sacrificed to the sea. It’s epic in scope yet written with a contemporary YA voice and feel. In the pages, you will quickly meet the three main characters: Marcus, the troubled Heir to the throne, Ash, his best friend, the non-savant wordsmith, and Kaylin, an enigma I cannot say more of yet. What I can reveal is that I am, in truth, a Bone Thrower, and those fight scenes are authentic as well, choreographed from my experience in Iaido and the insights from my martial arts trained son. I hope you enjoy the danger, romance and adventure! * C is for Contrast, the play of opposites attracting each other, night and day, land and sea, sun and moon, right and wrong… Ash and Kaylin. R is for Rapture. The passion and intensity the characters feel, whether for each other, their goals or a long-awaited first kiss, forms a powerful current the readers will ride from beginning to end. O is for Outspokenness, a quality…