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Jo Ann Brown | Exclusive Excerpt: A WISH FOR HOME
Author Guest / March 30, 2021

[Lauren’s] fingers tightened on the steering wheel as she descended a steep hill toward a covered bridge. It was over Bliss Creek. Most of the covered bridges in the county were only a single lane, so she must be sure no other vehicle was passing through it. She doubted many plain folks would be out in their gray buggies on such an inclement night, but she couldn’t assume. Not after the bane of her childhood, Adam Hershberger, had lost his parents when a car sped through a covered bridge without checking that no other vehicle was inside it. Adam and Samuel and Joel…and her one-time best friend Naomi Gingerich. She hadn’t thought in years about any of the kids who would have graduated with her from the plain school. Were they still living in Bliss Valley? Regret clamped onto her. Though she didn’t care what had happened to those three cruel boys, she should have made more of an effort to stay in touch with Naomi. The two of them had been inseparable until her parents had jumped the fence into the Englisch world a few months before eighth grade graduation. She shoved the memories aside. Each memory made her…