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Rebecca Brooks | Title Challenge: WRONG BED, RIGHT BROTHER
Author Guest / June 19, 2020

My new release Wrong Bed, Right Brother is a sexy rom-com about a gamer girl who falls into bed not with the co-worker she’s been crushing on for years—but with his twin brother. It’s fun, heartfelt, trope-tastic, and I hope it leaves you smiling! W is for Wrong bed mixup. That’s where it all goes wrong (or so right!) R is for Running. Noah is a running coach who works his heart out. O is for Orgasms. So many of them. Yes! N is for Never giving up. These two work hard for each other and for their HEA. G is for Gamer. Amanda is a video game designer full of creativity. * B is for Best friends. Amanda is BFFs with Noah’s brother and has a strong group of women friends to rely on. Everyone needs a community, not just their one significant other. E is for Electric. Noah and Amanda have so much chemistry, as soon as they touch, the sparks start flying! D is for Dreams. These two have big dreams, in their careers and in life, and they help each other achieve them. * R is for Risks. Love is a risk. Noah and Amanda take…

Rebecca Brooks | Exclusive Excerpt: WRONG BED, RIGHT MAN
Author Guest / February 21, 2020

This excerpt shows the meet-cute between Rose and Owen–but it’s more like a meet-disaster! She returns to her ex-fiance’s apartment while he’s not home to get back the rest of her things, like the gorgeous heirloom bed she inherited from her grandmother. Little does she know that she’s in for one hell of a (sexy) surprise. . . *** Rose put her key in the lock and held her breath. Her hands shook. “Stop it,” she muttered under her breath. She couldn’t go falling apart in here. She just could not. Some part of her was surprised the key still worked. But of course Jason hadn’t changed the locks on her as soon as she’d screamed that she was leaving. It probably never occurred to him that she’d have the ovaries to come back. Especially not without calling in advance, being painfully polite the whole time. Even her so-called screaming wasn’t really screaming. She only wished she’d raised her voice. Wished she’d done something besides freeze at the sight of her fiance–ex-fiance, she reminded herself sternly–buried between another woman’s thighs. But no. Because she was Rose Campbell, and she didn’t scream. She didn’t break things. She just pressed her lips…

Rebecca Brooks | The Meet-Disaster
Author Guest / May 24, 2019

We all know and love the classic meet-cute, but let’s be honest. Sometimes things completely go to hell. So what happens when the first meeting between hero and heroine isn’t so much cute as a total mess? What about the meet-disaster? In Wrong Bed, Right Girl, Special Agent Reed Bishop is pursuing a lead on a case when he heads to the apartment of the woman he thinks is his informant. Only it turns out she’s skipped town and sublet her apartment to none other than our heroine, who’s curled up in bed sleeping as peacefully as can be. That is, until a giant slab of man muscle stubs his toe on her suitcase and comes crashing down on her in the dark. So, yeah. The first words our heroine says (er, shouts) to the hero involve a few choice words I can’t publish here, and a threat to stab him in…a sensitive area. The stuff of great romantic memories, right? They might have to leave out some of the details when they’re reminiscing to their kids about how they met. And yet, it really is the start of something special. Talia, a ballet dancer prepping for a make-or-break role,…