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Rhenna Morgan | Exclusive Excerpt: Healer’s Need
Author Guest / October 25, 2018

Elise twisted just in time to catch a muscle at the back of Tate’s jaw twitch. The impact whenever she saw him was always a punch. Sandy-blond hair to his shoulders with a wave to it that made him look like he’d just ambled in from a day at the beach, a full, but well-trimmed beard slightly darker than the rest of his hair that made her wonder what his kiss would feel like and a lean, but muscled body that always crackled with a lethal energy. Dressed in a black T-shirt and faded jeans, he looked like the predator he was, and the way he was holding his body made it appear he was a nanosecond from tackling his primo. Which was insane. He’d barely spoken to her. Barely looked her in the eye since the first day they’d met. But here he was, trading some silent but deadly man-to-man communication she couldn’t translate. Given the amused expressions from Katy, Jade and Sara, she was the only one in need of subtitles. Tate’s nostrils flared, and he edged closer to Alek, shifting as he did to put himself between Alek and Elise. When he spoke, his words came out…