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Ann Purser | Suspicion at Seven
Author Guest / December 1, 2014

SUSPICION AT SEVEN is the latest in my Lois Meade Mystery series, and involves another murder hunt alongside Detective Inspector Hunter Cowgill. The inspiration for this story came to me one day when I was lunching in a restaurant in a converted water mill. I remembered as a child seeing the mill and all its workings and work people were covered with a layer of white. It looked then as if a gigantic flour sprinkler had dusted it ready for the oven! During lunch, I watched the huge millwheel, glassed in for safety, an attraction for customers, going heavily round and round, dripping slimy green weed ….. A plot, surely? One for Lois Meade, who has become friendly with Aurora Black, an attractive baker from her shop opposite the mill, and it is on a pleasant summer day that the pair decide on lunch after a walk with Jemima, Lois`s small terrier, across the water meadows. Aurora is not entirely happily married to her husband Donald, since he has a wandering eye, and a mistress who helps him with his pyramid jewellery selling and other less innocent occupations. Aurora is also part of the business, and they have one precious…

Sharon’s Cozy Corner | Roses and Cozies are Blooming in May
Sharon's Cozy corner / May 2, 2010

Sharon’s Cozy Corner All about the cozy mysteries: interviews, reviews, books I guess it’s true what they say about April Showers bringing May Flowers! The roses in my garden are blooming like crazy, with some as big as my hand. My pergola garden calls to me with its comfy swing and sweet smelling blooms – so I heed the call and traipse out there with a cold glass of tea and a cozy mystery tucked under my arm. Nothing finer than springtime! Hope your spring is going well too! And to celebrate the ongoing beautiful weather, here are a few new mysteries to keep the cozy mystery fan occupied for those sweet rare days! Author Elizabeth Lynn Casey continues her stories of the lives and activities of the good folks of Sweet Briar, South Carolina in her second Southern Sewing Circle Mystery, DEATH THREADS. Casey deftly crafts a thrilling mystery along with a charming story of friendship and small town life to create a fun, fast-paced novel that will keep cozy mystery lovers thoroughly entertained. Casey’s characters are unique and endearing – the shy but handsome schoolteacher Milo who is sweet on Tori, the feisty Leona Elkin, Tori’s self appointed…

Ann Purser | Introducing A New Character
Uncategorized / February 12, 2010

Before starting the Lois Meade Mysteries, I wrote six village novels, the Round Ringford series, where plot and characters were built up over the series. As I have always lived in English villages, this was a labour of love, and with so many contemporary issues, like closure of small village schools, dual carriageway bypassing a quiet village, changing character of villages as `incomers` move in, etc etc., there was plenty to write about. So why detective stories? I suppose partly for a change, and mostly because I had always loved to read them, and now began to write them. Again, the village setting, which I know best. (Write about what you know!) The twists and turns of a murder plot are fraught with danger to the author, and as I am not one who knows from the beginning exactly how it is going to progress, one or two readers have emailed `Hey, but what about so-and-so on page 98?` But I enjoy writing them immensely and am about to launch a new series: The Ivy Beasley Mysteries. Readers of Round Ringford stories will remember this crotchety character, and be amazed at her new career! To leave a comment or learn…