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Anya Summers | My Favorite Beach Reads
Author Guest / June 19, 2017

Summer has roared into the Midwest bringing with it sultry temperatures, thunderstorms, block buster films (Wonder Woman!!), and a plethora of new books. Summertime for me, traditionally, has always been about the great books on my TBR pile that I have to look forward to reading along with new releases. I’ll never forget my midnight purchase of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows at Borders eons ago. Lately, I’ve been a bit contemplative of the time that has passed in my life. Probably because I just entered a new decade and it’s caused me to be reflective of my past, including some of my all-time favorite books. As a writer, my first love was reading. I read shelf upon shelf of books. Binged my way through bookstores multiple times. Choosing a favorite book for those of us bibliophiles, is a lot like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. I have whiled away countless hours reading while the temperatures skyrocket near a hundred with a frosty beverage and a good book. There’s nothing I enjoy more. Now with summer upon us, I thought it was only fitting, partly because I have four releases hitting shelves this summer that I…