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Billi Jean | A Siren’s Song
Author Guest / July 10, 2017

Have you ever wondered what it’s like for someone that can’t hear, or see, or speak? Or how terrible it would be to be unable to talk to someone – if you could speak – for fear of what your voice might do to anyone who heard it? Worse, what if you knew that your voice had the power to draw people – people that once they heard your voice, couldn’t control the need to ‘have’ you. This is how I work out my paranormal stories. My characters, although fictional, are created from my ideas about these myths. Maybe vampires were said to be vulnerable to holy water because the church was very powerful. Death was everywhere. It was a part of life, a sad part, but a part nonetheless. People may have created ‘vampires’ to explain what couldn’t be explained by anything else. Perhaps they counted on the church to protect them, and that’s why ‘vampires’ can’t go into a church and are vulnerable to holy water. But maybe the stories had it wrong. Maybe Vampires cry holy water? Maybe the church caught and collected the holy water they cried then killed them. Thus, the vampires were vulnerable to…