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Christina Coryell | When I Do Becomes I Don’t
Author Guest / July 25, 2017

As a bridesmaid, there are potentially thousands of things the bride could ask a person to do, but one reigns supreme: Make sure the bride makes it down the aisle. So what happens if she doesn’t? It’s a question asked in FINDING LOVE AT THE OREGON COAST. Christina is preparing on the morning of her wedding with her bridesmaids (Liz, Anabeth, and Kadence) when she realizes some differences are too much to overcome in a relationship. No I do. No happy celebration afterwards. Instead, there are mounds of presents to return, a party with no bride and groom, and four young women left a little more disillusioned than they had been hours before. Oh, and one honeymoon trip that winds up being a solo venture. Thank goodness I haven’t shared Oregon Coast Christina’s plotline in my own life. I’ve had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid twice. The first time was for my lifelong bestie Tammy, who I’ve known since we were toddling around before kindergarten. The second time was for another lifelong bestie, Cindy (she had no choice, being my kid sister and all). Somewhere in between, they both were bridesmaids at my wedding. Everyone made it down the…