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Donna Michaels | The Final Ranger
Author Guest / July 16, 2018

Thank you so much for hosting me today to talk about my latest release in The Men of At-Ease Ranch Series. My original contract with Entangled was only for three books, but thanks to the fans that wrote to my publisher, I was contracted to write books for the remaining two Rangers. My new release: THE ARMY RANGER’S SURPRISE is the fifth book, and I’m so honored and excited to finally give my readers the story they’ve been waiting for, as well as my hero his well-deserved HEA. Why is it well-deserved? Because Leo is the reason At-Ease ranch was created. He represents the real-life service members who have a hard time adjusting to civilian life when they come home. Leo’s struggle has unfolded throughout the series, and thanks to his book, I got to dig in and help him find some happiness. But don’t worry. His story is not too dark. Like the rest of the books in this series, this one is a romantic comedy, too. And yes, everyone’s favorite character—Lula Belle the lovesick cow—makes an unforgettable appearance. A super big thank you to the fans for their overwhelming support of The Men of At-Ease Ranch! ♥ This…

Donna Michaels | Do you prefer a funny Dean? Or a brooding Dean?
Author Guest / June 9, 2017

Hi! I’m Donna Michaels and I’m excited to chat with you today about heroes. I like mine like I like my romances—hot and humorous. lol All the better if the hero possesses that alpha stubbornness, too. I think that’s why I’m drawn to Jensen Ackles’ character Dean Winchester on the hit TV series, Supernatural. Do you watch the show? It’s about two brothers who hunt down the supernatural and protect a world who has no clue about the evil. Although both brothers are hot and humorous, Dean’s character is more alpha, stubborn, and a bit of a jerk at times. Man, it must be fun writing his character. I can just imagine the sarcasm filling the air during the writing session for the show. I’m not sure what I love more? Dean’s sense of humor, or the reason for it. He uses it to cover up anger, grief, and guilt, along with the pain he buries deep inside. Pain for all he’s lost. A pain that motivates him to do what it takes to keep strangers safe, and to sacrifice everything and anything for his brother. Is it any wonder he inspires my heroes? In my latest release with Entangled…