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Summer Begins…A New Adventure ???
Uncategorized / May 26, 2008

The start of summer…and so it begins, my renewed search for more books. It’s an addiction and it never rests. I sometimes wished I’d get more enjoyment from watching television or movies but to be terribly honest there is nothing like a good book to satisfy the longing inside me of finding a new world, one that exists only in the imagination of a storyteller and writer. A good book takes me far away from my every day life to an exotic world that is exciting and yet “real.” A great story telling can uncover nuggets in a world I may inhabit and interact with daily yet never noticed the truths beneath the surface. Yes, I read to escape and to be entertained. This weekend was the US release of the latest Indiana Jones movie, so of course we had to go and see it opening weekend — at least we went matinee since prices are outrageous in my opinion. And it was cooler than being out doors in the 90 plus heat, yes, summer has officially arrived in Texas. The anticipation was palpable after all it had been nearly 20 years since the “Last Crusade” and this one with…

Elizabeth Hoyt | Ten Clues That You Are Watching a Really Bad Movie
Romance / September 12, 2007

So, the other day after my computer blew up, I decided that I needed a break from reality and I stuck a DVD in the player, sat back, and prepared to enjoy a whole lot of bare nekkid male chests. But a strange feeling came over me as I watched the previews to the movie. A feeling that I may have chosen A Really Bad Movie. Herewith is a list of my Ten Clues that perhaps I was not the target audience for the movie 300: 1. The pre-movie advertisements are for violent video games aimed at fourteen-year-old boys. 2. The men are all wearing leather shorts. 3. All the bad guys are ugly or gay or both, and the chief bad guy is wearing gold lipstick. 4. Sacred lepers. 5. Eugenics is a good cultural practice and the only people who are against it are wussy hunchbacks who can’t fight like real he-men anyway. 6. The traitor bad guy has a bad guy mustache. 7. The traitor bad guy tells the heroine that the only way she can save the hero is to have skanky sex with him. And she falls for it. 8. War rhinos. 9. The Deep…