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Elizabeth Lee | Capturing the Heart of Texas
Author Guest / January 12, 2015

So my editor asked me if I wanted to do a series set in Texas.  I said “Sure, I’ll be happy to do a series set in Texas.”  Then I wrote the proposal and my three chapters and the synopsis and the editor called my agent and said, “Why, Elizabeth knows Texas like the back of her hand . . .” Well, hold on now.  It’s not all that easy.  Elizabeth doesn’t only not know Texas “like the back of her hand,” she’s never been there. Next thing, after having the hubris to think I could take on the whole state of Texas without ever going there, was to get there fast.  My daughter, Kathy, was up for the trip and we were off.  It was June—getting hot in some parts of Texas—but still nice in the hill country where I got to visit a pecan farm like the one my story family: the Blanchard’s, own in Riverville, which is down in south central Texas. Now, don’t ask me why I put my town there—I’ve got no idea—but when I got there and was hiking along the Colorado River and visiting the little towns, it was all pure Riverville.  I’d…