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Emily Greenwood | 10 Fascinating Things about MISCHIEF BY MOONLIGHT
Author Guest / June 25, 2014

Thanks very much for having me here today to celebrate my new release, MISCHIEF BY MOONLIGHT. It’s the last in my Regency Mischief series, and I hope readers will find the story funny and touching. Here’s a little list with the lowdown: 10 Fascinating things about MISCHIEF BY MOONLIGHT 1. It’s a love potion story! But it’s not a magical potion, LOL. It’s something made from flowers—think morning glories, which can cause hallucination. And, in this case, romantic mischief. 2. It’s a love triangle story! The hero, Colin, the Earl of Ivorwood, is in love with his best friend’s fiancé, Miss Josie Cardworthy. Her fiancé has been away at war for a year when the story opens, and in the meanwhile, she’s had a chance to become very good friends with Colin, whose property adjoins her family’s home. But she has no thought of ever being attracted to her handsome neighbor… at least not until her eyes are opened. 3.  Colin and Josie sometimes play a little game that Josie calls “not-dancing.” She doesn’t realize Colin has a very good reason for not dancing. 4. I’ve always had a soft spot for those still-waters-run deep guys, and Colin is one…