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Erin Quinn | Celtic Legends: Blood Lust
Author Guest / April 6, 2011

Celtic legends often speak of warriors so overcome by bloodlust in battle that they are changed. The fury and killing, the peril of certain death, and the instinct to survive merge into something that overcomes the warrior’s humanity, leaving him a savage beast bent on destroying his enemy. Men who have lived through war recount the moments up to the first strike but often have no memory of what came after until it is all over and they wake, as if from a nightmare, to find themselves blood drenched and exhausted beyond belief. The Celts had a name for this phenomenon: Riastradh. Tiarnan, the hero of HAUNTING DESIRE, is no stranger to the frenzy of battle. His entire life has been spent defending his way of life, his family, his lands. If the memories of the bloody battles he’s fought had stayed with him, he would likely go mad. It is not until he meets Shealy O’Leary, HAUNTING DESIRE’s heroine who has traveled through time, that he learns why he is such a formidable warrior. When his enemies take Shealy from him, he will stop at nothing to get her back and that means embracing the beast within him and…

Spotlight on Erin Quinn
Author Spotlight / March 31, 2011

“Erin Quinn writes with power, passion and heart,” Nalini Singh, NYT Bestseller. Sometimes a man can change your life.  Sometimes he can do more than that—he can change the way you feel about your life….  Tiarnan, hero of Haunting Desire, is just such a man.  In his youth, he blazed hot and fast, battling his enemy and charging into the fray without thought or fear.  But now Tiarnan is older and wiser.  Time and circumstances have used and abused him.  He’s become a warrior who’s lost his will to fight.  A leader who refuses to take charge.  A lover who is afraid to touch. Enter Shealy O’Leary, a woman who sees behind the mask to the man…the man whose courage and loyalty is boundless, who puts himself between her and danger time and again.  She knows that Tiarnan is someone who can help her shed the baggage of a lifetime and become the woman she’s always wanted to be.  And she’s right. Here’s a small excerpt from a favorite scene in HAUNTING DESIRE—one that might give you a glimpse into Tiarnan’s heart. “When I saw those men,” he said, and his voice still held a deep, raspy tone, as if…

Erin Quinn | Falling in Love with Rory MacGrath
Author Guest / May 12, 2010

Have you seen the gorgeous man on the cover of Haunting Warrior? I mean, seriously, do they get any sexier? If I saw him walking down the street would I throw caution, decorum and sanity to the wind and accost him…probably yes. (Okay, okay, absolutely yes…) Well, meet Rory MacGrath. I fell in love with Rory during the first draft of Haunting Warrior. It was about that time when the reserved and sometimes angry man began to show me his softer side. Disconnected from his past, his family, and even his heritage, Rory had a vulnerability that was a direct contradiction to his manly exterior. But even Rory knew that the front he presented was just that-a façade that might fool strangers, but couldn’t fool those who knew him. Or people like me who were about to fall in love with him. Tough on the outside and lost on the inside, I knew that all Rory needed was a woman who could help him see his own strengths-a woman who would challenge him to rise above the past that had crippled him emotionally. This woman would bring him back into the circle of the living. She couldn’t be just any…

Erin Quinn | What If You Could Undo The Past?
Uncategorized / August 28, 2009

Time is something I never have enough of. Like most people, I work a full time job, have a family, and claim some semblance of a life . . . and then there’s that little thing I like to call a writing career . . . . I often feel like I’m meeting myself coming and going—like life is a revolving door and I’m just spinning round and round in it. Thinking about the crazy way time seems to evaporate led me to writing HAUNTING BEAUTY, a novel that explores my personal fascination with time and the idea that the past is not set in stone. Read the rest of Erin’s post by clicking here. There are prizes! Visit to learn more about books and authors.