Fresh FIction Box Not To Miss
Erynn Mangum | Expectations
Author Guest / April 18, 2014

Every so often, I get this huge craving for ice cream. It doesn’t last long but I never remember that as I’m buying three gallons of ice cream at the grocery store on the day it hits. So then I have three half-opened containers just growing ice crystals in my freezer for the next month or two until the craving comes around again. It’s a vicious cycle. My newest novel, PAIGE TURNED, just released this month and one of the things that came up for my character as I was writing it was the cycle of forgiveness. Paige is faced with a lot of both who she is and the pasts of the people around her. She has to let go of a lot of the expectations she had of herself and her future and she’s put in the position of making a lot of major life decisions because of letting go of those expectations and truly forgiving. It’s so easy to grow up thinking your life will turn out a certain way. But there are so many things about my life that are so much better than what I expected! I always hoped to have kids but being a…