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Eve Pendle | A Wild (flower) Time
Author Guest / July 4, 2018

Hi, Eve Pendle here. I’m a UK based historical romance author. And I’m going to talk in this post about English spring flowers. What on earth, I hear you ask, have flowers got to do with historical romance? Well, quite a lot, actually. Because almost every historical romance character would have seen and known wild flowers. Why? 🌸 In the past walking was a much more common pastime than it is now. If you didn’t have a horse, or couldn’t ride, you walked. Think of Lizzy Bennet in P&P with her petticoat two inches in mud from her walk to Netherfield. In our cars now, we’re moving fast and we’re detached from seeing the plants that surround us. Walking, or even riding, you’re much closer to the ground and at a slower pace. So all the spring flowers would be familiar sights, and flowers were as much a definition of the time of year as the weather. Walking was also a much more popular pastime as an activity for its own sake and was a respectable way for men and women to be together alone. Again, think of Lizzy and Colonel Fitzwilliam walking together in P&P. 🌸 There were a…