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Jadesola James | Author-Reader Match: THE SWEETEST CHARADE
Author Guest / June 22, 2021

Instead of trying to find your perfect match in a dating app, we bring you the “Author-Reader Match” where we introduce you to authors as a reader you may fall in love with. It’s our great pleasure to present Jadesola James! Writes: I’m a writer of contemporary romance who combines old-fashioned sensibility with thoroughly modern sexiness. I try to pour a lot of love into my books, and hope they leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside! About: I’m a mix of Southern-girl manners and East Coast street-smarts (Born in Alabama, raised in New York City!) and I adore emojis and writing long sentences. 😉 My loves: little luxuries, simple pleasures. Roaring fires, stained-glass windows, bossa nova, homemade scones, long walks on crisp fall days, perfume samples, snuggling babies/fur babies, piles of fresh snow, a big soft bed, and hot, sweet tea on a rainy day. (I was born in Cancer season and boy, does it show.) What I’m looking for in my ideal reader match: Loves a low-angst story with plenty of heart, and a little bit of heat Must love travel, both domestically and abroad Should like a look at different cultures, cities, occupations, ways of living life…

Miranda Owen | Fake Relationship Recommendations like BRIDGERTON
Author Guest / December 31, 2020

by Fresh Fiction Senior Reviewer Miranda Owen Although THE DUKE AND I is all anybody can talk about right now, and the first in Julia Quinn’s Bridgerton series, it is not my favorite of the series or book by Julia Quinn. Instead, THE GIRL WITH THE MAKE-BELIEVE HUSBAND, part of the Rokesby series, is my favorite “fake relationship” story by Julia Quinn. Years ago, when I was just a teenager, I remember being thoroughly annoyed by Cathy in Emily Bronte’s classic novel WUTHERING HEIGHTS. I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t wait for Heathcliff to return instead of marrying someone else. At the time, my older and much wiser aunt laid out some of the realities women at that time faced. It may not have been as romantic that Cathy didn’t wait forever, but it was ultimately and more pragmatic. However, in THE GIRL WITH THE MAKE-BELIEVE HUSBAND, Cecilia Harcourt makes some questionable choices but for good reasons. She’s alone in the world except for her brother Thomas. When Thomas is injured in battle, she bravely travels to be by his side. Instead of her brother, she finds Edward Rokesby, a wounded officer and a gentleman in much need of some TLC….