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Garrett Leigh | Exclusive Excerpt: UNFORGETTEN
Author Guest / February 9, 2021

Gus Billy didn’t throw up. He swallowed the pills I gave him and drank the tea, and when he was sufficiently buzzed, seemed to remember he hadn’t eaten since the mini doughnuts I’d forced on him that morning. How does he even live? I’d put away at least six sandwiches since then. “What do you want?” I asked, trying to ignore how much I was enjoying seeing him stretched out on my bed. “I can order something?” Billy shook his head, eyes hooded and heavy. “No. I don’t want you spending money on me, and I don’t have any. There must be something in the cupboards. I just remembered I bought other stuff that’s not in the fridge.” “What did you buy?” “Can’t remember.” “Okay…do you remember where you put it?” “Nope.” Truth be told, he could’ve bought a hundred different things and stashed them in my kitchen cupboards before I noticed. It wasn’t like I ever looked. Curious, I rolled off the bed and sloped downstairs. The fridge was as bare as I’d left it, but a scout of the corner cabinet revealed a squirrel store of baked beans, Super Noodles, and tins of tuna. I couldn’t imagine how…

Garret Leigh | Title Challenge: FORGIVEN
Author Guest / January 19, 2021

High school sweethearts Mia and Luke get a second chance at love in this brand-new contemporary romance from award-winning author Garrett Leigh. Read on to discover more about Forgiven. F is for Forgiveness. Obviously. Mia carries a lot of anger towards Luke for leaving her when they were teenagers. And Luke hates himself for hurting her all those years ago. O is for Orgasm. And I’m not even sorry. Luke was Mia’s first, and no one she’s been with since has ever matched up. It’s the same for Luke. He’s dreamed of Mia the whole time they’ve been apart. R is for Redemption. Like I said, there’s a lot of hurt and guilt festering between these two, and as hot as the big O’s are, it’s not enough to heal old wounds. G is for GUS! Mia’s brother is the BOMB. Probably my favourite secondary character ever. He’s big, bearded, and beautiful. And he speaks French like a native. My editors loved him so much he got his own MM book…stay tuned. I is for Incensed. Mia has the most fiery temper ever, and Luke’s propensity to keep his mouth shut drives her wild. Which obviously gifts us appropriate make…