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The Trouser Game by Genella DeGrey
Author Guest / June 6, 2017

THE TROUSER GAME is a brand new historical erotic romance by Genella DeGrey available from the 6th June from Totally Bound Publishing, Amazon and other online retailers. Read on for an exclusive excerpt of The Trouser Game… St. Helens, England, Summer 1895 “Aren’t you going to welcome me home, Miles?” Jillian Kelley, having just arrived from university in the United States, addressed the man whom she’d been intrigued with throughout her youth. He stood at the opposite end of her mother’s formal parlor, unblinking. He was as handsome as Jillian remembered, with his light characteristics and sky-blue eyes—perhaps his facial features had grown a little more mature, but she didn’t mind. She and Miles would grow old together and outward appearances would mean nothing with a love as strong as theirs would be. Standing here with him now, she felt the familiar stirrings in her breast of the unrequited love she’d harbored for him for over half of her twenty-three years. She supposed, if she was pressed, her former determination to win him could be considered an obsession when viewed in a harsher light. However, none of that mattered now. The status of their association was indubitably about to change….