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Kathy Lyons/Jade Lee | Guess How This Book was Born?
Author Guest / March 21, 2019

The Detroit Grizzlies are back and ready to end the plague that has been killing humans and shifters alike. TAMING HER MATE was born March 19, and I couldn’t be prouder. This is a really great book and I hope you feel as excited about it as I do, because this book…well, it was born of something really amazing. Guess what it was… A. A contract. I’m a working writer. If I don’t write, I don’t pay my bills. The amazing part? Just that. I write the weird things in my head, and I get paid. Which means I get paid for what I love doing the most in the world. Pretty cool, huh? B. Bad seafood. I ate something not so fresh at a restaurant, and while I was bowing to the porcelain altar, I thought, what if I’m changing into a shifter right now? I mean, look in the mirror. I could be a mangy bear. What if shifting worked really well for some and not so well for others? Would I survive? (I decided probably not, so it would be best if my heroes and heroines saved everyone, including me.) C. A bad shifter book. Yes, we’ve…

Kathy Lyons/Jade Lee | Taming Her Mate + Year of the GRIZZLY!
Author Guest / February 21, 2019

What do a bear and a wolf eat on their one free night? When I saw that Fresh Fiction had recipes up last week for Valentine’s Day, I had to laugh. The hero and heroine of my new novel, Taming Her Mate, Frankie and Ryan, are busy people! They’re saving Detroit from a deadly virus and keeping their respective shifter packs from going to war with each other. Their meals reflect their busy lifestyles. Inspired by the delcious recipes shared last week, I knew whatever my characters would cook would be interesting… For example, Frankie is the daughter of the alpha wolf. She’s got to help out whenever life gets too busy for anyone in the pack. That means comfort foods that are easy to remember and that picky pups will eat. She makes the simplest meatloaf recipe she can remember with ingredients on hand and while it’s in the oven, she whips up a box of Macaroni and Cheese. And now here’s the cool secret: ketchup and brown sugar. The original recipe called for a modest amount of both, but let’s face it, who doesn’t love ketchup and brown sugar? She mixes up enough of that to slather over…