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Heidi R. Kling | Why travel romances are the best
Author Guest / December 5, 2017

The summer after I graduated from high school was one of the most romantic I’ve known. Something about the air. The heat. The freedom. The caught-between-childhood-and-adulthood space. That summer, I cut a clipping out of a magazine article titled, “Why summer romances are the best romances,” and it encapsulated the same feelings I had and have about travel romances. The briefness of the period of time. The heightened sense of awareness when all your senses are on hyperdrive. And on that note, the heightened sense of urgency because you know you_only_have_so_much_time. Soyouhavetohurryandfallinlovefast!!! With the added bonus of not having to worry about fallout the way we do in regular high school or college. Have a fight and break up with your BF/GF? You have to see them every day. But after a whirlwind love affair on a tropical island, you leave, tucking an Ed Sheeran song-worthy photo in your pocket, and soft, sexy memories in your heart and voila! It’s done. The exciting urgency in WHERE I FOUND YOU, and the tough question the novel begs is, “What if your temporary love is your real forever.” And he lives on the other side of the world. THUNK. Those romances have…