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Rhenna Morgan | 20 Questions: HERS TO TAME
Author Guest / March 24, 2020

1–What’s the name of your latest release? The name of my latest release is HERS TO TAME. It’s the second book in my NOLA Knights trilogy and features Kir Vasilek (right hand to a powerful Russian vor taking control of New Orleans) and Cassie McClintock (a sassy television news reporter who’s already tangled with Kir a few more times than she thinks she should have). 2–What is it about? HERS TO TAME picks up on a thread introduced in the first book of the series–HIS TO DEFEND. Cassie is a television reporter who’s reaped some serious notice and a promotion at work thanks to some information Kir leaked to her months ago. But work wasn’t all they did together, and the chemistry was off the charts smoking hot. Unfortunately, Cassie didn’t realize Kir was connected to a growing crime family in New Orleans when they first hooked up. As soon as she did, she shut down all communications in an effort to keep her reputation as a reporter squeaky clean. The only problem–her stories seem to be drying up and she still hasn’t shaken how much Kir affected her. When the death of one of Kir’s men brings them back…