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Inara Scott | Hot Guys and Teenage Crushes + GIVEAWAY!
Author Guest / August 27, 2019

Ready for a confession? I have watched Grease 2 at least 300 times.* If you haven’t seen this particular gem of a film, shame on you. First, it starred Maxwell Caufield, basically the hottest guy on the planet in 1982 (the year the movie was released). Caufield plays the nerdy Australian cousin of Sandy from Grease 1. He’s visiting Sandy’s old high school, where the T-Birds and Pink Ladies still reign. He creates an elaborate disguise (LOL—actually just black skin-tight leathers and goggles) and learns to ride a motorcycle to sweep a certain Pink Lady who can’t see past his nerdy exterior off her feet. Which brings us to point two: this musical involves a young, unknown Michelle Pfeifer singing, dancing, and straddling a ladder in an entirely suggestive way as she describes her dream of finding a motorcycle-riding bad boy to sweep her off her feet. For those who know the film, you’re probably already humming Cool Rider. Yeah. I know. For those who missed it, go watch this awesome clip from the film: (You’re welcome.) Why, other than the fact that it’s fabulous, am I bringing up Grease 2? Well, here’s a secret–Temptation (Bad Angels #2), was…

Inara Scott | Owning My Lazy
Author Guest / February 25, 2019

I’ve heard people talk about owning your crazy. I appreciate this notion. I have a lot of crazy to own. But today, I want to talk about something else. I want to talk about owning my lazy. In some ways, I’m a pretty hardworking gal. I hold down a job, keep my house tidy, do the occasional load of laundry, and even crank out a book here and there. (Hello Heartbreaker!) But when it comes to my face? Wow. That’s a lot of lazy. I could tell you the things I do for my face, but it might be easier to tell you what I don’t do. I don’t wash my face before bed. I don’t use fancy moisturizers, despite having entered those golden mid-forties where the wrinkles and sagging and bagging seem to grow up overnight. I don’t wear makeup—not because my face doesn’t need it, because of course it does. More because I’m too lazy to take it off at night. I don’t pluck my eyebrows. (I do pluck the hair that grows out of my chin. Is that TMI?) I don’t exfoliate. I’m not even entirely sure what that is. The heroine of Heartbreaker, Tess, is a…