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Fresh Pick | GREEN-EYED DEMON by Jaye Wells
Fresh Pick / March 8, 2011

Sabina Kane #3 March 2011 On Sale: March 1, 2011 Featuring: Sabina 352 pages ISBN: 031603777X EAN: 9780316037778 Paperback $7.99  Add to Wish List Fantasy Urban Buy at Sabina has no regrets as she explores NOLA, prepare for an action-packed experience Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells Things to do: 1. Rescue sister. 2. Murder grandmother. 3. Don’t upset the voodoo priestess. The clock is ticking for Sabina Kane. Her sister has been kidnapped by her grandmother, the Dark Races are on the brink of war, and a mysterious order is manipulating everyone behind the scenes. Working on information provided by an unlikely ally, Sabina and her trusty sidekicks—a sexy mage named Adam Lazarus and Giguhl, a Mischief demon—head to New Orleans to begin the hunt for her sister. Once there, they must contend with belligerent werewolves, magic-wielding vampires and—perhaps most frightening of all—humans. But as much as Sabina is focused on surviving the present, the past won’t be ignored. Before she can save those she cares about most, she must save herself from the ghosts of her past. You are going to have a great time with this Green-Eyed Demon, as long as you live through it. Excerpt CHAPTER…

Sandi Shilhanek | Fabulous Fabulous….Boas And Tiaras Tea
Guests , Sundays with Sandi / June 13, 2010

Yesterday was the DFW TeaReaders annual Boas and Tiaras tea. It’s the one time of the year that we try to dress a bit for tea, and show our fabulous selves with wonderful tiaras and colorful boas. Last year I had to miss the event because of family obligations, but this year I was lucky enough to attend! As usual the food and fellowship were divine! If there’s a downside to this event it’s that it’s so big it’s hard to know where to sit, and who to socialize with. I know I missed meeting several newcomers to our events, and I really hope that they return often so I can get to know them. This year was a bit different I believe in that we had a raffle drawing. We had very generous authors who donated great prizes. Amongst the authors donating were Dakota Cassidy, Michele Bardsley, Rosemary Clement-Moore, Dianna Love, Claire Avery and Jaye Wells. If I missed an author donation I’m terribly sorry and know it was greatly appreciated. Did I mention that I was lucky enough to win one of the baskets donated by Michelle, and got a galley of her new book, Cross Your Heart?…

Tea, Authors, and Chocolate, Oh My!
Saturdays with Sara / June 12, 2010

None of what I am about to write would have been possible without the wonderfulness that is Sara R. and DFWTea!  She is just a wonderful person who makes all these author events happen! Look who came: Dakota Cassidy : Website, Twitter: @DakotaCassidy Kimberly Frost : Website,  Twitter: @frostfiction Rosemary Clement-Moore: Website,  Twitter: @rclementmoore Jaye Wells: Website, Twitter: @jayewells Michele Bardsley: Website, Twitter: @michelebardsley Claire Avery: Website, Twitter: @authorclaire The Fab Kimberly Frost sat at our table–we yapped her ears off!  She is a wonderful person and guess what might stop by next month for Paranormal Fest.  WHOO HOOO! This is what happens when you sit at a table with me!  She was such a good sport! Signing my books–YEAH! 2 books being read next month during Witchy July Would-Be Witch (A Southern Witch Novel) Barely Bewitched Also the Fab Dakota Cassidy (Pink Boa), Jaye Wells (Blue Boa), and Rosemary Clement-Moore (tiara)! Now Jaye Wells we all know I love click here and here for more on her.We all know I love the Sabina Kane series!  Check them out! Red-Headed Stepchild (Sabina Kane) Book 1 The Mage in Black (Sabina Kane) Book 2 Do you guys know who is in…

Jaye Wells | Authors are Readers Too
Author Guest / April 12, 2010

Even with the dividing lines between authors and readers blurring in this age of social media, there is still a misconception that authors aren’t normal people. Granted, some of our behavior–especially when alcohol is involved–makes this assumption somewhat fair. But the truth is most authors started out a lot like you. By this I mean, before we ever put pen to page, we were avid readers. For me, it started very young. My mother managed a bookstore and my grandmother owned a used book store, so I spent a great portion of my young surrounded by thousands of glorious books. To this day, the mysterious scent of old paper makes me smile. I won’t mince words: I was a nerdy kid. I was awkward and found it difficult to make friends at school. Instead, my friends were the kids from Narnia, Nancy Drew, the girls from the Babysitters’ Club, the subjects of Shell Silverstein’s poems. Even as I grew older and the social awkwardness gave way to finding my own tribes, I continued to read for pleasure. My favorite Sunday activity was to stay in bed all day and consume books by Anne Rice, Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsey and Jude…

Jaye Wells | Conquering Fear Through Fiction
Uncategorized / April 1, 2009

When I was in fourth grade, I convinced myself that a vampire loitered outside my bedroom window waiting for me to go to sleep. Being a precocious child, I decided to outwit this fiend. So when I’d get in bed, I’d lay still and flat as a plank under the covers with a pillow over my head. I’d leave the bedside lamp on too, for that added touch of authenticity. “Nothing to see here. Move along.” My plan must have worked because that vampire never found me. He also never, as I’d hoped he would, bypass my “empty” bed and go down the hall to take care of my sister. Oh well. A few years later, Michael Jackson’s Thriller video gave me nightmares for weeks. In fact, I still can’t watch it now. I didn’t watch the Exorcist until I was in my late twenties, and then stayed up nights imagining that tribal mask peering through my windows at night. Basically, what I’m telling you is I’m a big old sissy. Click here to read the rest of Jaye’s blog and to leave a comment. Visit to learn more about books and authors.