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Jeannie Moon | Top Five Nice Guy Heroes
Author Guest , Top 5 / June 5, 2018

The alpha hero is a mainstay of romance, and whether he be a duke, a quarterback or a shapeshifter, we see the alpha as strong, aggressive and often arrogant in his manner and bearing. Honestly, who hasn’t had a serious crush on a big strong alpha at one time or another. In YOU SEND ME, the second book in my Compass Cove series, Nick Rinaldi is the ultimate good guy. Putting himself out to care for his sick neighbor, the former Navy doctor is, kind, helpful and strong willed. He’s an alpha with a heart of gold, and he’s in good company. I have a soft spot for nice guy heroes, and I’ve listed my top five in no particular order: Jack Sheridan: (VIRGIN RIVER by Robyn Carr) How do I love Jack Sheridan? Let me count the ways. A retired Marine, he moved to Virgin River for a quiet life. He settled into the town helping people as he could. Hunting and fishing as he pleases, Jack’s life is quiet and easy until the new nurse midwife comes to town and Melanie turns his world upside down. Jack can’t do enough for her and he’s so totally in love…

Jeannie Moon | THEN CAME YOU
Author Guest / October 3, 2017

When I first wrote the story that became THEN CAME YOU. it was set on the wrong coast. That may seem like an odd statement, but the original book was set near Puget Sound in Washington State. I’d made my own town, college, populated it and set to work. However, when I finished Mia and Adam’s story, and there was something off – something not right about it. So, I sent it to my friend JoAnn Ross, a woman who has turned small town romance into an art form, and she said something that floored me: “Your characters are looking at the wrong ocean.” That wasn’t what I expected. But it sure made me think. As I examined the story, I went back over JoAnn’s thoughts about the book, and while she liked it, she agreed that it needed more. That more was a location change. Now, it wasn’t as simple as switching coasts. I started at square one, and that’s when Compass Cove was born. I recreated the character backstories, I tweaked the plot, but more than that, I set out along the north shore of Long Island, the place I’d live my whole life, and found the inspiration…