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Jennifer Lyon | Possessed By A Dragon?
Author Guest / May 31, 2011

Thanks so much for having me today! I love writing about witches and the heroes that love them. There is something very sexy and compelling about a man who falls in love, supports and protects a woman of power—power that he will never have on his own. That is a strong man! A true hero. A man that can bring any woman to her knees. After I finished writing NIGHT MAGIC, a story of a true hero rising, I started to worry. In that book Phoenix Torq loves his witch, the blind, yet powerful Ailish Donovan, so much that he is willing to do anything for her. Anything. And he proves it in a fiery way. When I was done with their story, I wasn’t sure another hero could interest me that much again. And then I met Dyfyr, the dragon that lives in the hero of SINFUL MAGIC, Kieran “Key” DeMicca. In all my years of writing, I’ve never experienced anything like this. When I wrote Dyfyr’s scenes—this huge, ancient, and indescribably powerful dragon’s scenes—they were effortless. As if he stood by me, telling me what to type. I have had occasional writing spurts like that, but with this…