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Jill Myles | Road Trip Memories…and adventures
Uncategorized / January 20, 2010

Book 2 of the Succubus Diaries (SUCCUBI LIKE IT HOT) launches on Tuesday the 19th, and instead of letting my succubi prowl around their hometown for the next adventure, I sent them on a road trip. Someone asked me the other day, why a road trip? And that made me think for a minute, because…why not a road trip? After all, where else do you have the potential for a fun vacation to go horribly, horribly wrong? Read more of ROAD TRIP …. click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.

Jill Myles |Gentlemen Prefer….Holiday Bark
Uncategorized / December 18, 2009

As we wind through the holidays, my mind is set on my upcoming book release instead of the actual Christmas holiday itself. The stockings are hung, the tree is up, and my mind is still fixated on succubi, vampires, and fallen angels. Not an entirely terrible problem to have, of course. My first novel GENTLEMEN PREFER SUCCUBI comes out on December 29th, so it’s understandable that I’m starting to babble to myself and spend all day either clicking on to check my book ranking or mailing out bookmarks. Or weeping incoherently. But that doesn’t put the holiday goodies on the table, right? And when family is expecting you to bring over something tasty and delicious and holiday-themed, this could leave you in a bit of a quandry. To read more of GENTLEMEN PREFER HOLIDAY BARK please click here. Visit to learn more about books and authors.