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Jocelyn Adams | How a Book Changed the Way I Dream
Author Guest / March 11, 2014

Is there one event in your childhood that changed who you became as a grownup? One interaction with someone that changed the way you saw the world? One mistake that opened your eyes to new possibilities? One moment in time that shifted your path left or right? Mine came by way of my sister who took time out of her busy teenaged life for her snot-nosed little sister. Sitting on the porch of our old farm house on a summer day, she began reading a chapter book to me that changed the way I dream. Not the night kind of dreams that are random and weird, but those that dominate my mind in every quiet moment and eventually led me to put those dreams down on paper to entertain others. The book was FOLK OF THE FARAWAY TREE by Enid Blyton. Although I’d watched television and gone to the movies once or twice, I hadn’t understood just how far away from reality a person’s imagination could take them until I met Moon face, Dame Washalot, Mr. Watizisname, and Saucepan Man. Other worlds that appear at random at the top of a tree? And each of those worlds was full of…