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K.B. Hoyle | BREEDER Blog Tour
Author Guest / December 4, 2014

Fresh Fiction is proud to participate in the blog tour for BREEDER by K.B. Hoyle. When asked to give one question to Hoyle, Fresh Fiction staff wanted to know: Why did you choose to write a character who transforms from an obedient society member into a rebel? I liked the idea of starting the story of BREEDER in an environment in which everything seems to be perfect, and having my main character, Pria (or B-Seventeen in the early chapters), operating under the assumption that her world is as good as it gets. I thought that moving Pria from a position of security to a position of uncertainty would also take the reader on the same journey, and that it would create great story tension as the world, and all of Pria’s assumptions about it, slowly unravels. The easiest way to do this from a plot perspective was to make her a character who transforms from someone obedient to society to someone who is eventually a rebel. This also allowed me to reveal the world as it really is through Pria’s eyes as she discovers it and changes her perspective on it. About BREEDER Everything about Seventeen’s life is perfect, from…

K.B. Hoyle | Up Next: The Breeder Cycle Trilogy
Author Guest / September 11, 2014

I am really excited about what’s coming up next for me! After so many years writing fantasy, I needed a bit of a departure, and I’ve been really keen on the Dystopian scene, so that’s where I decided to depart to. My next series is a YA/NA Dystopian trilogy titled The Breeder Cycle, and book one, BREEDER, comes out later this year. It was a bit of a challenge for me to see if I could write Dystopian at all, especially as I’ve written it in an entirely different voice and perspective than The Gateway Chronicles, but if my editors and beta readers are any judges at all, I think I have transitioned successfully. I got the inspiration to write BREEDER from a series of articles I read concerning radical population control methods being proposed today ⎯ things along the lines of how Nazi Germany used to operate. The very notion of modern scientists even considering these vile practices for use on the human race repulsed me so much that I was able to quickly conceive of a fictional futuristic society in which these practices had been put into place, and I knew I had to write the story about…