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Kate’s 5 Tips For a Rock’n Good Time in the Bedroom
Author Guest / May 15, 2018

My newest erotic romance—LAYING PIPE—releases May 21st from Entangled Publishing. Because of that, I’ve got sex on the mind. Who am I kidding, I always have sex on my mind. That’s because my writing celebrates women’s sensuality, sexual exploration and, of course, true love. It’s all in good—if not clean—fun, and my smutty stories can take it to the extreme. If it’s about an architect, expect some kinky architectural maneuvers. My mechanic does the dirty in, and on, fancy hot rods. (Both stories come out later this year.) As for Laying Pipe, my lonely librarian meets a hunky plumber who’s tool inventive. Ever hear of a drilldo? (Google it, but I warn you, what is once seen, can’t be unseen.) It must be clear by now that I take this sex stuff lightheartedly. I also take it uber seriously, considering it one of God’s greatest gifts and worth sharing… However, for something so essential to our human existence, it can also be remarkably hard at times. For comparison, there’s eating—something equally essential to our existence. Do we have trouble enjoying it? Talking about it? Finding yummy flavors? Instead, we celebrate eating, both the preparation and the participation, and find it…