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Katie Porter | Young Love and Quirky Dates
Author Guest / September 2, 2014

I’m so excited to be able to talk about my newest book, OWN. Katsu and Evan are a really fun couple, mostly because of the sparks that fly between them. You see, this isn’t their first go-round. Evan is in a secret special ops unit, and Katsu is his boss’s daughter—and they had their first affair the summer before she left for college. Katsu will never forget the time they spent together: Doubts would carry her back to when she’d been too young to be anything but reckless. Head-over-heels reckless over Evan Sommers. Once they’d landed in bed, they’d hardly made it out for six weeks. Every night together, and every strange and quirky date they would end up on, had felt like a present. The thing is, young love isn’t like anything else in life. There’s something special about that first flush of emotion and connection that you feel with a person. When it comes with something special—like quirky dates—you feel like you don’t only have something special, you are something special. So what do quirky dates mean to Evan and Katsu? 1. Going to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (Katsu’s hometown) and pretending to be docents….