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Character Perspective | Shoshannah: the ancestral spirit
Author Guest / March 22, 2018

Throughout the Shifter Wars series, there is one character that is in the background, coming forward when needed, and providing support to the shifters. Shoshannah is the shifters’ ancestral spirit. She lives in the Cave of Whispers and usually visits any shifters that come to talk to her. Shoshannah takes the form of a white light that evolves into whatever shifter form is needed at the time. She’s been a giant white bear, a mountain lion, a wolf, a bird, and even a tiger. She gives advice to shifters seeking guidance, but similar to the Oracle at Delphi, what she says isn’t always clear to the recipients. What exactly does it mean to hear that a character will change the world? One thing we do find out is that Shoshannah doesn’t know everything—and doesn’t know how the future will play out. She’s involved in the shifters lives from before they are born until they die. The ceremony at the lake to grieve and honor the dead in the war is led by Shoshannah and though she isn’t a god, the shifters revere her. She’s become an integral part of the mythos of Deep Creek, and when she’s threatened by outside…

Kerry Adrienne | Best Fish Tacos, perfect for Bears and Lions!
Author Guest / August 17, 2017

Thanks so much for hosting me for the release of the third book in my Shifter Wars series, TAMING THE LION. At this point in the series, we’ve got enemies thrust together with decisions to make. Alicia is a bear shifter/healer, and Marco is a lion/heir to the leadership of the pride. He’s been hurt in battle and she’s got to figure out whether she will go with her healer’s oath and help him, or let her enemy die. If she helps him, she risks angering her den. If she doesn’t, her grandmother is going to be upset with her for breaking her oath. Since these two are like oil and water, I thought it would be fun to have a recipe that combines things you might not think go together well but in reality, really do! I’ve picked something I personally thought I’d never try because…well, it doesn’t seem to go together! What am I talking about? Fish tacos! Yeah! How many of you, like me, just went, “yuck”? I kept seeing Fish Tacos on the menu and did finally try them. You know what? They are good! Surprisingly so. Granted, I tried them at a Tapas place (I’m…

Kerry Adrienne | Character Inspiration—Olivia
Author Guest / May 25, 2017

In my latest novella from Carina Press, SAVING HIS WOLF, I got the interesting opportunity to write about a shifter who was both blind and unable to shift. The character has been pushing me to tell her story for a few years, but the time was never right. When I finally did find her story, I realized pretty quickly that she would be a hard character to capture on the page. For one thing, I’m not blind and I don’t have experience how it would be to be blind. I did try a few experiments while writing the novella to help me understand better. I closed my eyes and listened to a tv show—quickly realizing how much I missed the visual stimulation. I also closed my eyes and tried to walk through the house. This is a house I’ve lived in for nineteen years and I still couldn’t navigate it with my eyes closed! Finally, I tried to eat with my eyes closed. Wow. That was difficult and didn’t last long. These little things helped me in the smallest way to see what it would be like to be blind and what Olivia must have overcome to be able to…