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Lexi Post | ON HIGHLAND TIME “Leaps” with a Purpose
Author Guest / May 21, 2018

Do you remember the old television show, “Quantum Leap”? Sam would leap into other people’s bodies in history, and Al was able to help him figure how to fix things with his not so trusty computer, Ziggy. I loved that show! But what bothered me was that Sam never had control over where he went, and Al was only a holographic image. So when I decided to write a time travel romance, I knew I wanted two things to be true. First, the traveler would be able to “leap” anywhere in history she wanted, as well as back to her own time. Second, whoever helped her would actually be there with her when he popped in to talk to her, and so that’s what happens in ON HIGHLAND TIME. Diana’s job as a Time Weaver, Inc. agent is to go back in time and fix what the Disruptors have changed. While she’s there, the only way to communicate with the agency is through Go-Lucky, her rather short, designer-wearing handler and the only male with the ability to time travel. He provides Diana with up-to-date information on the changes in the Timestream. He also provides her with support. TWI doesn’t have…